How to halo

Fitting and adjusting your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension:

-Using a pair of needle nose pliers squeeze the microbead open slightly.

-Pull the short end of the monofilament (headband fishing line material) a few inches.

-Then place  your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension on the crown of your head to check size.

-Your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension should sit under the occipital bone on the nape.

-It is important that your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension fits firmly to keep it in place.

-If you have thick hair it is advisable that you wear your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension higher with a thin layer over it to create a natural blended look. Please still ensure your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension is fitting firmly.

-To check that your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension is fitting properly you should be able to shake your head with out it slipping or falling off.

-Once you have the correct size using the pliers tightly squeeze the microbead closed.

-You can also tie a knot in the monofilament for extra security.

-Cut any additional monofilament off.

-Place your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension over the crown of your head, using the tail end comb pull the top layer of you hair over it.

For more information please see our below videos, you can also contact us for any further assistance.

Your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension comes with additional monofilament in a thicker material and extra microbeads. Just in case you get a little bit excited and one gets broken or you prefer to wear a heavy duty band. Follow the same method to re-thread your Rapunzel's Halo hair extension, by opening the microbead and removing monofilament, the inserting the new monofilament.